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Central Regional Integrated Health Authority Board of Trustees


Health and Community Services


Section 8 of the Regional Health Authorities Act and 3(3) of the Regional Health Authorities Regulations


No Remuneration


Responsible for the management and affairs of health and community services in the Central region of the province


The trustees of the boards of regional health authorities, including the chairperson, shall be appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council, and in all cases there shall be at least eight trustees but no more than 18 trustees of a board of a regional health authority.

Competency Profile:

Those who make up the ABC should collectively possess the following core competencies:

  • Demonstrated commitment to excellence, client engagement, patient safety, quality improvement and assurance
  • Community orientation with understanding of population health and committed to addressing the health and wellness needs of the total population including adopting new approaches
  • Strong communication, leadership and change management skills
  • Critical thinking and ability to monitor and evaluate organizational performance against benchmarks set
  • Ability to guide long term planning and the establishment of strategic organizational priorities and investments that position the RHA for success
  • Commitment to strong accountability culture to appropriately and effectively hold others accountable for high performance
  • Knowledge and understanding of fiscal and financial matters
  • Demonstrates and aspires to the stated values of the RHA
  • Understanding of local and provincial health care needs, issues and system transformation
  • Awareness of provincial and national health care trends and forces that are shaping health care
  • Commitment to a better provincial health care system



There is only one legislative qualification that must be met for appointments to the RHA Boards:

RHA trustees cannot be employees or medical staff of an RHA.

Beyond that qualification, there are practical considerations that guide the type of candidates that HCS seeks for these appointments. Ideally, people who serve on the RHA Boards are committed to their communities and their regions. These positions are best suited to individuals with a history of leadership and the knowledge and experience to properly support the significant decisions that must be made to transform and sustain the health system into the future. Candidates would ideally have previous experience working in a team environment with a focus on collaboration, consensus building, evidence based decision making and achievement orientation with a high degree of accountability. Innovative thinking and information seeking would be key personal characteristics for potential trustees.

Candidates with backgrounds in law, finance, facility or project management, business, human resources, community development/planning, communications/marketing, information technology and/or academia would be great assets to the RHA boards.

Time Commitments:

Members of the ABC should be available to meet face-to-face at least four times per year, plus additional meetings and teleconferences as required. Board members will be expected to be active participants on Board Committees such as Finance, Quality or Governance. Board members may also be expected to spend additional time to review materials and prepare for Board and Committee meetings.


The trustees of an authority shall be appointed for a term of 3 years and may be re-appointed to one further term of 3 years.

Additional Information:

A trustee whose term of office has expired continues to be a trustee until he or she is reappointed or replaced.

Vacancy Profile:

The Central Regional Integrated Health Authority Board of Trustees is seeking to fill the position of Chairperson and up to nine board members whose membership expired in January, 2017. Expressions of interest are being sought from individuals who possess the background, experience and skill-set identified in the board profile above and who can bring unique perspectives to the table. Consideration will also be given to a variety of demographic factors to ensure the board is representative of the population they serve.


Current Members:
NameTitleAppointment TypeAppointment Date (yyyy/mm/dd)Expiry Date (yyyy/mm/dd)
Bradbury, Ms. YvonneMemberMinisterial2015-10-292018-10-28
Brown, Mr. Dave TrusteeMinisterial2014-01-082017-01-07
Byrne, Ms. Rhonda TrusteeMinisterial2014-01-082017-01-07
Dove, Mr. David TrusteeMinisterial2014-01-082017-01-07
Flynn, Mr. Derm TrusteeMinisterial2014-01-082017-01-07
Gaulton, Ms. Marjorie TrusteeMinisterial2014-01-082017-01-07
George, Mr. John ChairMinisterial2014-01-082017-01-07
Hoskins, Ms. Valerie TrusteeMinisterial2014-01-082017-01-07
LeDrew, Mr. Rick TrusteeMinisterial2014-01-082017-01-07
O'Brien, Mr. Gerard TrusteeMinisterial2014-01-082017-01-07
O'Rielly, Mr. William TrusteeMinisterial2015-06-042018-06-03
Saunders, Mr. Samuel TrusteeMinisterial2015-06-042018-06-03
Sturge, Mr. Donald TrusteeMinisterial2014-01-082017-01-07

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